It took us 4 hours to play 9 holes : golf

Your kid reminds me of the foursome in front of us this past weekend. My foursome was grabbing our drivers, balls, and tees as the foursome ahead of us prepped for the first hole. They’re all decked out in full golf attire. One guy is dressed head to toe in Orange. His name for the day was “Ricky.” After the first hit, each of the four dribbled 20 feet. They move onto their respective balls and we begin stretching and getting ready to tee off as they take their next shots. Two more dribble another 20 feet, the other two shank into the lake. At this point, we’re obviously concerned. Two times during the day, we thought they had moved on and we teed off, only to see that their carts are on the adjacent fairway, and they’re trying to hit it back onto our fairway, but now our balls are ahead of theirs. Again, this happened twice. They also left two 60 wedges on holes, but didn’t even realize it until 3 holes later, when I was able to meet up with them on an adjacent fairway. It was one of the craziest days of golf I’ve ever had.

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